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Missinglink Powerlifting Team Remain Champs

Author: By Pete Gisondi | Created: Sun Oct 01 00:09:08 UTC 2017 | Last Updated: Sun Oct 01 00:09:08 UTC 2017

Missinglink powerlifting team September 17, 2017 WNPF powerlifting championships

September 17th 2017 rolled around very quickly this year ...You know what that's means ...Time To Lift... So The Missing Link Crew packed up & showed up at The World Natural Powerlifting  Federation Lifetime Nationals & American Cup  Powerlifting Championships in Bordentown ,New Jersey . Camaraderie was the word for the day. The warm-up room flowed effortlessly with 65 lifters helping each other to get their warm-ups done with the proper timing that is needed for that perfect opening attempt  . The families & friends  who came in support of This Drug Free Event were energetic and cheered  the competitors on the main to the platform as they came out to test their abilities with each weight selected . Adrian was our Announcer all day & provided excellent commentary to help encourage each & every athlete .Adrian was announcing the lifters names and if any attempts  were setting a record be it a Personal or other official WNPF record He made sure you heard loud & clear .  The scores & attempts table crew were absolutely powerful ,I personally visited them a few hundred times . The  platform crew was in beast mode . The Spotters quickly loaded each called attempt with accuracy  . The Judging was excellent with the Referees available to speak with  a lifter or their coach if the attempt  was failed from one of the  technical problems that might have happen during the performance of the lift .. All 65 athletes & Coaches are to be commended for their  professional demeanor both on & off the main platform..The Missing Link Teams only requirement for membership is their Policy of NO use of PECs       ( Performance Enhancing Chemicals...ALL OF THEM ) .The Missing Link Crew ,The Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym Crew & The Vince Wood Power Team Crew clearly performed to the highest of standards .They cheered &helped each other all day with that powerful Camaraderie that makes what we do so much Fun . Powerlifting is The Worlds Heaviest Sport but along the way on your journey Enjoy the Contests & training sessions , Have some FUN... Let's talk up the Missing Link lifters a bit. The Missing Link Team from White Plains ,New York entered 10 athletes for this competition. They all lifted in the Raw event , No Equipment just a Belt.  Jay Martins lifting in the raw 148lb class 18 year old group setting personal records in the  squats ,bench-press, deadlift & total. Jays missed the 132 class by one pound ... Powerful is defined when you perform a deadlift with 405 lbs for a triple body weight finish ... All Powerful All The Time . Cleo Higgs lifted in the masters 58 women's age group in the 148 division ,she improved all her lifts at a lighter weigh class . Miguel Lopez in the 181 teen 19 age group placed 1st with a powerful 480lb deadlift on his 2nd attempt, he was our official driver for the cruise home. Eric Gutierrez spent the summer on the west coast and had to adjust to east cost lifting ...He's got all Heart lifting in the 198 juniors .He squatted a massive 440lb ,benched a 275 lb & pulled a PR 550 lb deadlift... Victor Viera decided to check out a lower weight class with Positive results He lifted in the 67 age group 198 masters class .. All Personal Records set . Victor fished the day with a powerful 305 lb deadlift . Anthony Dicicco lifted in the 220 class juniors setting PR's in all the lifts finishing with powerful bookends in the 400s with a 405 squat  & a 450lb deadlift. Steve Tartaglia lifting in the 220s enjoyed a powerful breakout contest with PR's across the board ... . Jeremy Altamuro lifted in the Junior ( 20 years old)  raw 275lb class ,weighing in at 249 .He squatted 620lb,benched 380lb & deadlifted a massive 755lb along with a 1755lb all being personal bests. Now it's Time To Be Powerful . Pete Gisondi Jr. lifting in the 57 year masters 275lb class raw Powerlifting class went 9 for 9 & Had Fun all day doing it. Lex Hauryluck is currently attending School in Florida in the Tampa area . The Damage from last week's deadly storms wracked havoc in the area . Lex Lifted in the 308 class the best he could under these conditions, He felt blessed to be lifting at all with all that has happened to the state . God Speed For Their Recovery . Barry Ray was scheduled to lift on This Powerful Sunday . Late last week Barry's Mom Passed Away so We Dedicate This Event & every Pound Hoisted to Barry & His Family, May God embrace Our Hearts & Souls to start the healing Process .The Missing link Team placed first  . We would like to thank Troy Ford & the Entire WNPF Family for  this event . Thank You to all the family members & friends who came to support all the Athletes . God Bless All : The Attached photo contains the following : The missing Link Powerlifting  Team , : Pete Gisondi Jr , Victor Viera ,Miguel Lopez, Steve Tartaglia , Jay Martins , Cleo Higgs , Anthony Dicicco Jeremy Altamuro, Eric Gutierrez.  Missing is Lex Hauryluck : Congratulations to all participants ,WNPF Staff, spectators, Families , Coaches & The  Missing Link Team .God Bless
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