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Missing Link Powerlifting Team Wins The WNPF New Jersey States

Author: By Pete Gisondi | Created: Mon Apr 17 03:21:15 UTC 2017 | Last Updated: Mon Apr 17 03:34:29 UTC 2017

The Date: April 9th 2017 , The  Federation :The World Natural Powerlifting  Federation ,The Event : WNPF New Jersey Drug Free Powerlifting Championships ,The City & State: Bordentown ,New Jersey

The Date: April 9th 2017 , The  Federation :The World Natural Powerlifting  Federation ,The Event : WNPF New Jersey Drug Free Powerlifting Championships ,The City & State: Bordentown ,New Jersey .... Needed Ingredients  ..A Date, A Place to Hold The Event ,A Dedicated Event Staff, Lots of Iron & Equipment, Platform Facilitators, Official Referees, Family ,Friends & 55 Drug Free & Powerful Athletes. Mix all these ingredients Together and you have a Powerful display of Camaraderie. Pure energy filled the warm up room as the lifting flights began to warm up for their platform attempts . The families & friends  who came in support of This Drug Free Event were treated to an awesome display of natural  abilities that the competitors carried to the platform. The Announcer Brother Adrian was extremely powerful all day long ..He Added a few well timed words of support for each lifter . Powerful Performance . Adrian was announcing the lifters names and if any attempts  were setting a record be it a Personal or other official WNPF record He loudly broadcast the Powerful news. The scores & attempts table crew were absolutely powerful. The main platform crew was flawless & helped expedite the flow of the day's events . The Spotters and weight loaders worked with each lifter and they really boosted your confidences both before and after each attempt . The Judging was excellent with the Referees available to speak with  a lifter or their coach if the attempt  was failed from one of the  technical problems that might have happen during the performance of the lift .. All 55 athletes & Coaches are to be commended for their excellent professional demeanor concerning the timing of each lift taken both in the warm up area as well as the main platform  . The supportive camaraderie for all participators was outstanding. With all the above Ingredients you can enjoy a powerful experience.   The Missing Link Team from White Plains ,New York entered 12 athletes for this competition .The Missing Link Teams only requirement for membership is their Policy of NO use of PECs ( Performance Enhancing Chemicals ). The crew is training & competing Raw using a non-supportive lifting singlet & belt  .Every time our team works on the lifting platform we reaffirm our teams dedication  to provide a safe and healthy lifestyle choice without using PECs. The Missing Link members evened out in the many weight classes ,divisions and age groups & had Fun all Day . The Missing Link Philosophy on setting personal records over (Bigshotisms Head Lifts) keeps the gains on a straight & forward path. Lift what you trained for not Fantasized about .With five pound personal records for each lift (2nd attempts ) your total will grow & so will you .. With this attitude you can never be out performed on the platform if you set your own personal record regardless of the place or weight you lift against any other athlete. Jay Martins lifting in the raw 148lb class 17 year old group setting personal  records in the  squats ,bench-press, deadlift & total. Jays squat is both deep & quick if you blink you'll miss it lol .Nick Spiegler put together a flawless display of raw power in the open 148 raw full power division .Nick Hit all PR's . Nick Fiorisi lifted in the 181 raw police&fire full power in all had a good day . Miguel Lopez in the 198 teen 19 age group  placed 1st with a powerful 500lb deadlift on his last attempt ,a lesser lifter would have dropped it ...Not up in here , Eric Gutierrez complied all PRs  in the 198 juniors .He squatted a massive 470lb ,benched a 300lb & pulled a 545 lb deadlift... Paul Fiorisi lifted in the 61year old group and finished the event in powerful Paul Fashion ,with style. Anthony Dicicco lifted in the 220 class juniors setting PR's in all the lifts finishing with with a powerful 430lb deadlift .Chris Siapanides Jr. competing in the 220's Teen18 raw full power  secured all PR's in all his lifts all with more in reserve .Christian Gisondi competed in the 220  junior raw  bench only and completed a solid PR lift of 260lbs a 30lb increase from December 2016 . Jeremy Altamuro lifted in the Junior raw 242lb class He powerfully squatted 610lb,benched 375lb & deadlifted a massive 740lb along with a 1725lb personal best total .As Jeremy always says "Today was a Day of Reckoning". Anthony Gisondi Sr lifted in the 275lb masters class 60 year old bench only & completed all three attempts with more in is arsenal. Pete Gisondi Jr. lifting in the 57 year masters 275lb class raw Powerlifting class went 8for9 . The Missing link Team placed first and had enjoyed the power of the WE . We would like to thank Troy Ford & the Entire WNPF Family for  this event . Thank You to all the family members & friends who came to support all the Athletes . Special Thanks To Chrissy Altamuro & Crew for leading our Cheering section and taken photos & videos for the entire Missing Link Team .  God Bless All : The Attached photo contains the following : The missing Link Powerlifting  Team ,back row standing : Miguel Lopez , Coach Barry Ray , Chris Siapanides Jr, Coach Gino Gisondi, Anthony Gisondi sr, Jeremy Altamuro, Christian Gisondi, Pete Gisondi Jr , Front row sitting : Anthony Dicicco, Nick Spiegler, Paul Fiorisi, Nick Fiorisi, Eric Gutierrez , Jay Martins, : Congratulations to all participants ,WNPF Staff, spectators, Families , Coaches & The  Missing Link Team .God Bless
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