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The Missing Link Powerlifting WINS the WNPF Lifetime Nationals & American Cup Challenge 9-18-16.

Author: Peter Gisondi | Created: Fri Sep 23 01:54:35 UTC 2016 | Last Updated: Fri Sep 23 02:09:42 UTC 2016

Missing Link wins the WNPF 9-18-16 Lifetime Nationals & American Cup Challenge in Edison NJ. The Missing Link members spread out in the many weight classes , divisions and age groups put their day in at work and brought home 18 1st places .

The Date :September 18th 2016  ..The  Host Federation :The World Natural Powerlifting  Federation.. The Host City & State: Edison ,New Jersey ...The Event : WNPF Lifetime Nationals & American Cup Challenge Drug Free Powerlifting Championships . 54 Drug Free athletes  got ready to Rumble at the Edison Hotel main Arena. The WNPF set up a first class warm up area & main lifting platform affording the lifters & spectators a most awesome event experience .The Sunday Event started on time at 9:45 am ending with awards ceremony by 4pm . Camaraderie was the word for the day both on & off the platform .Troy Ford President of the WNPF & the WNPF staff used the rounds system  to run a one session event with three flights of lifters balanced out perfectly .No Misloads and Flawless spotting & loading by the WNPF staff. The Judging was on point and fair with the Referees available to speak with  a lifter if the lift was failed from one of the many technical problems that might have happen during the lift .The Refs & Spotters made you feel at home with encouraging comments . All 54 athletes & Coaches are to be commended for their excellent professional demeanor concerning the timing of each lift taken both in the warm up area as well as the main lifting stage . The General camaraderie between the athletes , coaches, helpers , spotters, referees and the Iron fans who supported all the lifters was refreshing to all. The Missing Link Team from White Plains ,New York is celebrating their 35th year  together competing in Drug Free Powerlifting events. The 2016 September version of the Missing Link Team had a few newbie's  getting their first taste of the Iron bug. Most of the crew trains at the Missing Link Yard four morning a week at 6am .(Not for the faint of heart). We were honored to carry the message of LIFT & HAVE FUN for the new athletes .The Missing Link Teams Policy of NO use of PECs ( Performance Enhancing Chemicals ) is the only requirement for training with the Mysterious Missing Linkers. The Members are training & competing Raw using a non-supportive lifting singlet , lifting belt & the power that God Supplies .Every time our team rumbles on the lifting platform we reaffirm our teams mission to provide a safe and healthy lifestyle choice without using PECs. We do not point fingers or mock other lifters choices on how they complete .We are all brothers and sisters both on & off the platform . Our Team supports all lifters and federations .This Crew put a solid Performance together with 16 athletes gracing the main Platform making the judges and spotters assignments easy , WE LIFT ALL ..WE Support ALL.. The Missing Link members spread out in the many weight classes ,divisions and age groups put their day in at work and brought home 18 1st places . Most important many  of our team-mates set personal records in most of their lifts ... With the this attitude & belief you can never be beating on the platform if you set your own personal record regardless of the place or weight you lift. The following are the results .  Jay Martins lifting in the raw 132lb class 17 year old group set personal Best records in the  squats ,bench-press, deadlift & total. Jay Powerfully secured 1st place . Powerful Outing for Jay. . Cleo Higgs lifted in the women's 165 masters 57 class full Powerlifting and the deadlift only & placed 1st in both .New to the Missing Link Crew but not the iron game is Nick Spiegler lifting in the 165 raw juniors recorded his best of all four with personal highs all around securing a 1st place award. Eric Gutierrez complied all PRs  in the 181 juniors & won 1st . James Gisondi placed 1st in the 181s raw open hitting four PRs (Personal Records ) .Nick Fiorisi 181 raw police&fire full power & his dad  181 master Lifter Paul Fiorisi both placed first in their respective divisions. It Was an Excellent sight to see Paul make his return from a 18 year lay off at the young age of 60. It was a honor to have Nicks dad Paul at his first Powerlifting show and now with his son lifting together at his first full power event . I had the pleasure of lifting  with Nicks Dad in his first contest in 1984 .Miguel Lopez in the 198 teen 18 age group  placed 1st in the  198s . Steve Tartaglia lifting in the 220 junior raw placed 1st along with some powerful PRs. Victor Viera in his first Powerlifting event enjoyed the flow of the competition.  Vic competed in the 220 masters raw 66 age group & set all Personal records along with New York state records .  Christian Gisondi competed in the 220 bench only and repetitions event placing 1st  in both with two gold medals .Chris Siapanides Jr. competing at his first event went 8 for 9 missing only a last deadlift with a technicality. His Dad Chris(The Greek) Siapanides coached his son & has declared to make a comeback to the lifting arena. ( All Chris has to do is wake up early lol).  Jeremy Altamuro stated at end of his June 2016 event that this event would be a "Day Of Reckoning ".So with that mindset he secured all personal records lifting in the teenage 19 year old group 242lb class .Squatting 600lb,benching 370lb & deadlifted a massive 750lb along with a 1720lb total all raw Records.

 Anthony Gisondi sr lifted in the 275lb masters class 60 year old bench only & secured the gold metal . Pete Gisondi Jr. lifting in the 56 year masters 275lb class went eight for nine . 20 year old Lex Hauryluck  lifted in the 308lb raw juniors class placing 1st & setting PRs . The Missing link Team placed first and had Fun. We would like to thank all the family members and friends who came to support all the lifters. God Bless All : The Attached photo contained the following lifts ,back row standing : Eric Gutierrez , Jeremy Altamuro, Steve Tartaglia, Chris Siapanides Jr., Miguel Lopez, Lex Hauryluck, James Gisondi, Anthony Gisondi sr., Nick Fiorisi, Coach Chris(The Greek) Siapanides sr., Paul Fiorisi & Pete Gisondi Jr. Front row kneeing: Christian Gisondi, Victor Viera , Nick Spiegler , Cleo Higgs & Jay Martins. Congratulants to the  Missing Link Team .God Bless 

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