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Missing Link Powerlifting Team

Author: by Peter Gisondi | Created: Tue Jul 21 19:38:35 UTC 2015 | Last Updated: Tue Jul 21 19:38:35 UTC 2015

The Missing Link Drug Free Powerlifting Team Secured  Top Honors At The   2015 OPEN NATIONAL POWERLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS Hosted By THE World Natural Powerlifting Federation on Sunday JULY 19TH 2015 .

The Missing Link Drug Free Powerlifting Team Secured  Top Honors At The   2015 OPEN NATIONAL POWERLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS Hosted By THE World Natural Powerlifting Federation on Sunday JULY 19TH 2015 . The Event Was Held At The  CLARION Hotel in Phil Pa.  : Sixty-Three Drug Free and Proud Athletes  competed In This Year’s WNPF Powerlifting Nationals . The Summertime July Heat Topping Off the  Heat Index Close to  One Hundred Degrees Didn’t  Slow The Lifting Event  Down One Bit . When The Bar Hit The Floor For The Last Time at 3:45pm on Sunday The Lifting was Over But The Missing Link Team Was Still Standing . All The Competing Athletes at this event  are Subjected to Testing for PEC (Performance Enhancing Chemicals )  .All Of The Competing Missing Link Members Lifted in The Raw Division which only allows a non supportive one Piece Singlet ,tee-shirt and Weight Lifting Belt. The Following Missing Link Members are this year’s 2015 WNPF National Team Champions.  Salina Gisondi lifting in the Women’s 165lb class Put Up Some Personal Best Lifts Finishing Off a Powerful 250lb Deadlift for The Gold Metal . Judy Demuro lifting in the masters 53 age group 148lb class Rounded out Her Lifting With A Personal High 170 Squat To Secure 1st Place in this division . Cleo Higgs lifting in the masters 53 year old 154lb class had a Powerful Contest Finishing off with a well worked for 275lb Deadlift and a well desired Gold Metal . Justin Altamuro lifting in the teen 148 lb 13 age Group class Never missed a beat . He Rolled along for a Nine For Nine Performance making all new Personal high bests in all Three disciplines ,Squat, Bench Press And Deadlift  and a New Total . Justin is following   right behind his Big Brother Jeremy ,Look Out Big J .  Miguel Lopez lifting in the Teen 181lb class Brought some Exciting Lifting to the Platform. His Top Lifts were all personal Best with a well desired 380lb Deadlift to finish the day .   Peter Gisondi 3rd lifting in the 220 lb open class & curl Made all Personal Best Lifts and the Total finishing this event with a earth shuddering bar Bending 555lb deadlift .  Eric Lang lifting in the 242lb open class  enjoyed easy  Attempts as He Mastered The Three Lifts . His Performance Gave Him all new personal Bests in all Four Categories and the Gold Metal Finish . Peter Gisondi JR. lifting in the 275 lb masters 55 age group put together a powerful Day with 1st place for his efforts .  Jeremy Altamuro competed in the teen 275lb 18 age group  Showed The Athletes at this event that Hard Work and Dedication Translates to Massive Lifts on The Platform .  His 615lb Totally Raw Squat (no Supportive gear, At All )  was matched in awesome Style with his Huge 705 lb deadlift . Both His Squat and Deadlift were only 2nd attempts .Gold Metal placing  was Secured right from the start .The Altamuro Family has some World Class Genes . (Thanks Mom & Pop ) .  Mario Barbagallo  lifting in the unlimited Teen 18 year old class Lifted all He Could. He Secured a few Personal Best Lifts at this Event and his 1st place finish rounded out the Missing Link Teams Efforts. We First would like to Thank all The competitors  Families and Friends who took the time off from their Very Busy Weekend to Come Out & Support The Athletes by Cheering each and everyone one of them for the needed six hours of competition. A Big Shout  Out To The Spotters and Loaders who never let that bar hit the floor if a lifter missed their attempt and encouraged them to finish strongly . Thank You To The WNPF Staff for providing a Powerful Drug Free Arena To Excel at. As Always Troy Fords Herd Performs at The Highest of Standards.   God Bless &  Thank You Pete Gisondi Jr.



The Above Team Photo Standing from Left To Right : Eric Lang , Jeremy Altamuro , Miguel Lopez , Justin Altamuro , Peter Gisondi 3rd ,Gino Gisondi , Salina Gisondi , Pete Gisondi Jr , Cleo Higgs , Knelling in front , Mario Barbagallo & Judy Demuro . Second Photo of Jeremy Altamuro Lifting 705 Deadlift . 


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