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Missing Link Powerlifting Team Wins Again!

Author: Peter Gisondi | Created: Wed Feb 25 04:19:49 UTC 2015 | Last Updated: Wed Feb 25 04:19:49 UTC 2015

The Missing Link Drug Free Powerlifting Team Successfully Defended Their Team 2014 WNPF Title at the 2015 All-Raw Tournament of Champions Hosted By World Natural Powerlifting Federation on February Sunday 22nd 2015 .

 The Missing Link Drug Free Powerlifting Team Successfully Defended Their Team 2014 WNPF Title at the 2015 All-Raw Tournament of Champions Hosted By World Natural Powerlifting Federation on February Sunday 22nd 2015 . The Event location was held The Edison Hotel in Edison New Jersey .The Missing Link Team Traveled to The Event Site On Saturday with the compliments of Mother Nature Serving up another Freezing Ice & Snow Storm .The not needed winter Storm Didn’t Cool The Missing Link Members Desires to set the stage for some awesome lifting .  The Missing Link  Entering  12 Members of their  Team to Defend  the Title. A Few of the Missing  Links Top Athletes could not attend due to Injuries. Lifters Mike Scappaticci, Vito Cirioni ,Jeff Degian, Mario Barbagallo, Brian Ennis, Anthony Gisondi Sr. , Nick Gisondi ,Gino Gisondi ,Clarissa Gisondi & Salina Gisondi Had To Sit This Event Out To Heal and rebuild . There were 100 Registered Athletes at This Multiple State Tournament Competing For Top Honors as a Team and In Their Respective Weight Class & Divisions .This event used a tournament style scoring system  and it was run in a tournament format where the lifters  are competing against lifters in the other events hosted in different states . The Edison Contest was the last Venue that would decide which Team would Prevail.  The six or more teams that competed all Trained Hard and  Sunday the 22nd of February 2015 the final results were posted with The White Plains ,New York  Based Missing Link Squad emerging as the Champs.
The WNPF Put Together a World Class Tournament Event for The Lifters & Their Families throughout the Many States That Were Entered.  The Missing Link  Team Thanks The Other Teams For their Outstanding Effort Making the Event Both Exciting & Fun .  The Lifting Event Started on Time @ 9:45 AM ending @ 5 PM Including The Awesome Awards Ceremonies .The Championship Tournament Belt was Presented  by Troy Ford The Original Founder of The WNPF to the Entire Missing Link Crew.  The WNPF Organization Test For PEC (Performing Enhancing Chemicals) Very Strictly. If An Athlete Tests Positive for any PEC's They Will Be Banded From Future Completion's. The Missing Link Athletes Completed In The Raw Division Which only allows a Weight lifting Belt ,Tee shirt & A Non supportive One Piece Singlet to compete in for Personal Attire .The Missing Link Team was Founded in 1981 by Athletes who Competed in The  Worlds Heaviest Sport ,Powerlifting Without using PEC's  . The Drug Free Zone Is Both Enjoyed by the Lifters & Their Families .  The Competitors  at These Events Set Both State, National  and most Important Personal records. The Lifters Compete in The Squat ,Bench Press and Deadlift for a Total and receive Three Attempts at each one . The Highest successful lift is then Totaled for  Placement within the lifters respective  Division . The Missing Link Team members Who competed are as follows :Judy Demuro lifting in the Women's 148lb masters 53 year old class had a outstanding Day and won here class. Claire Pozzuto Competing in Her First Event  won Her Division acing all nine lifts with Iron to Spare .  James Gisondi lifting in the 181lb class missing none of the Granted Nine Lifts For a Personal High Total and flawless performance . Thomas Sestilio lifting in the 181 class Won this hotly contested Class with Personal High Bests in all The Lifts . Will Sanchez lifting in the 181 class had a miss hap with The Bench Lift but put together a powerful squatting and Deadlifting Performance .Mike Carolan rounded out the 181 division with some impressive lifting.  Lifting in the 220 class , Peter Gisondi 3rd Won His Division with a Massive  550 lb Deadlift . , Eric Lang lifting in the 220lb  class Enjoyed The Comradely and cruised Though his nine Lifts .  Barry Ray lifting in the 275lb masters 44 year old class Won and finished with a powerful 630 lb deadlift setting all New York State Age 40-44 Group Records For The Raw Division . Peter Gisondi JR. lifting in the 275 lb masters 55 year old class completed eight of his nine lifts missing only his final deadlift attempt after a successful 605 lb deadlift also set New York State records with all his lifts  . Jeremy Altamuro lifting in the teen 275lb 18 year old  class Squatted 610 lb and a very Impressive 700 lb deadlift for New York State and National Records .Both of Jeremy’s Squat and Deadlift Attempts were contest Highs at this event and he secured  the best lifter award . Lifting in the 220 benchpress  Teen 19 year old class Winner Mike Manzo powered up a Huge 400 lb benchpress also taking home the best bencher award . Both Peter Gisondi 3rd and Mike Manzo competed in the strict Curl event curling personal bests on their way to victories .  Jeff Degian Coached The entire Crew for all their lifts and kept the crew motivated . The Missing Link Team Thanks The Entire WNPF Staff For Their Support of A Drug Free  Arena for the Lifters And Their Families To Enjoy .Thank You And God Bless . Peter Gisondi Jr. . 

> Attached photo : The Missing Link Powerlifting Team Winners of The World Natural Powerlifting  Federation 2015 All-Raw Tournament of Champions held Sunday 2-22-15 in Edison New Jersey :Athletes Shown Standing : left to right: Peter Gisondi JR ,Peter Gisondi 3rd, Barry Ray, Mike Manzo , Eric Lang , James Gisondi ( wearing the Title Belt ) , Will Sanchez , Thomas Sestilio ,Judy DeMuro, Claire Pozzuto, Jeff Degian , Jeremy Altamuro… ( Not Shown Mike Carolan) 


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