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Missing Link Powerlifting Team Wins Agian!

Author: By Pete Gisondi | Created: Thu Feb 27 03:53:52 UTC 2014 | Last Updated: Thu Feb 27 03:53:52 UTC 2014

Photo: Kneeling front l-r Gino Gisondi, Nick Gisondi, Mario Barbagallo, James Gisondi; Seated 2nd row l-r: Judi Demuro, Salina Gisondi, Clarissa Gisondi; Back row standing l-r: Peter Gisondi Jr, Peter Gisondi III, Jeff Deigan, Brian Ennis, Vito Cirioni, Erik Lang, Mike Carolan, Anthony Gisondi Sr

On February 23, 2014 in Bordentown, NJ the Missing Link Powerlifting Team competed at the drug free World Natural Powerlifting Federation "All-Raw Tournament Powerlifting Championships". The event which is Raw means that no supportive lifting equipment other than a lifting belt can be used by the competitors. No performance enhancing chemicals can be used by any of the athletes. The Missing Link Team entered a 15 Member team to complete for the title. The Link Team members all train at The Missing Link Training Facility in White Plains, New York. The entire Northeast has been blasted with snow and ice storms the entire month of February but Mother Nature smiled and provided sunny and warm weather which prompted excited lifters to take the stage. The Missing Link Team had Salina Gisondi lead off lifting in the Women's 148lb class securing  the bronze medal Deadlifting a personal best 205lb while her sister and teammate Clarissa Gisondi also lifting in the Women's 148lb class was awarded the Silver with a massive 250lb deadlift. Judy Demuro lifting in the Women's master 50-54 148lb class took easy powerful balanced attempts and took home the Gold Medal. James Gisondi lifting in the Juniors 165lb class aced the Gold Medal for this class with a personal high performance. His brother Nick Gisondi lifting in the 165lb class placed 6th overall breaking all of his previous best marks in all three events: squat, bench press and deadlift. Mike Carolan lifting in the 181 open class deadlifted his way into 2nd place with a 455lb successful lift. Gino Gisondi lifting in the 198lb Juniors class went 9 out of 9 being prefect in all his attempts for new personal best lifts across the board and a solid 4th place medal spot. Gino's brother Peter Gisondi 3rd lifting in the 198 lb open class was on his way to a 2nd place finish when on his opening attempt in the deadlift he injured his back and had to drop out of the competition. Pete is recovering in New York and will make his comeback soon. Erik Lang lifting in the 220lb class like his team mate Gino Gisondi was perfect in all of his lifts and secured the Gold in this hotly contested weight class. Jeff Deigan after a long layoff from competition lifting in the 242lb Masters 40-44 class squatted a huge 540lb for the win. Peter Gisondi Jr lifting in the 275 lb masters 50-54 class won the Gold medal. Brian Ennis a Harrison, New York Music Teacher lifting in the 275 open class secured the best and top Deadlift of the day at 630lbs along with the gold medal award. Anthony Gisondi Sr lifting in the 275 lb masters 55-59 class set a New York State record in the Bench press with a lift of 310lb along with the gold award. Vito Cirioni lifting in the 275 lb class Firefighters division placed 1st with huge personal bests in all three disciplines. Harrison High School lifter Mario Barbagallo lifting in the Super heavyweight class Teen 17-19 set all new records along with 1st place. The event had 72 Athletes from the tri-State area competing for both personal awards and the Top Team Award. After eight hours of massive steel weights bending the bars placed on them the chalk and powder steadily came to rest and the calculations were being tallied.

This contest was part of a "Tournament of Champions" where the results from multiple meet locations in different states from the previous two weekends were pitted against each other and the Missing Link came out on top winning the championship belt for the top team of the tournament.

Meet director Troy Ford and his staff put on a quality event for all of the lifters and spectators.

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