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Author: Troy Ford. | Created: Mon Dec 10 03:58:41 UTC 2012 | Last Updated: Mon Dec 10 03:58:41 UTC 2012

What a great 23rd Annual Lifetime Nationals and All-Americans!!! Great lifting, great audience, great atmosphere. We had lifters from 7 states competing for the title WNPF Lifetime Drug Free National Champion.

 Colin Cooper son of Dave and Christy, received the loudest ovation when he came out to lift. Colin is 9 years old and deadlifted an easy 75 lbs. in the 60 lb 9-10 raw division. Bonnie Benner one of the top WNPF female lifters benched 135 lbs and rep half her bodyweight 48 times. Sari Zauderer set a few state records and won the female best lifter award for the day.

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Robert Rawn from NY set a new National record in the 148 masters 40-49 division. Deanna Bello set new state records in the 165’s. Yael nelson set new National records in the squat and deadlift. The kids- Gomez (320 bench @ 165), Piazza (1190 total raw @ 165), Hopkins (1185 total raw @ 165 and a 470 squat), Del Nano (1185 total raw and 530 deadlift), Flores (470 raw deadlift), Lodovico (480 deadlift & 1205 total @ 220 17-19) and Nivk Hunnewell (600 raw deadlift @ 242) all showed out. These kids are strong and will only get stronger in the near future. Pat Cary lifting in her first meet and the oldest female lifter did well with a 350 total. Scott Aron hit a 215 bench in the 50-59 division. Aamer Rehmen totaled 980 in his first meet, Wayne McMahon lost some weight and came down to the 181’s and still totaled in the 1300’s and took home best lifter. John Znaczko one of the longest standing members of the WNPF hit a 835 total in the 198’s.

The Vogel brothers, Fred and Paul won their classes in the masters division. Jerry Washington won the best lifter award in the powercurl with a 175 lb curl, Jerry just missed the National record 180 lbs. maybe next time. Vic Scaranda another long time WNPF lifter set a few national records in the over 60 class. Paul Buchbauer is BACK! Paul did an easy 365 squat in the over 50 class. Trevor Lenart totaled 610 in the junior division Ironman. Jeff McDaniel hit a 410 and took home the best lifter in the bench press. John Bosley from MD. Powercurled 140 for the win. Herman Patrick longtime WNPF member hit a 385 bench with the old Inzer bench shirt and not the super duper shirts of today. Mike Wynn lifting in his first meet hit a 365 raw bench. Robert Hanington from NY totaled 1,135 lbs. Bob Feeney from PA benched 220 lbs for 11 reps and also curled 135 lbs. Karmin placed 1st in the 242 raw open, followed by Caffrey and in 3rd was Votodian and 4th was Chando. Chris Karmin also took home the best lifter award for the heavyweight raw division.

Bill Shirley beat Bill Frenick in the 242 masters class. Bill Frenick was away for a few years and he just returned to the WNPF. Ron Smith from MD won two classes in the bench for reps with 25 reps with 225 lbs. that’s pretty good especially for a player that’s in the NFL. Jeff Hicks the WNPF IRONMAN won his classes with a 310 bench. William Voekel won his class and Scott Rogers from NY won the submasters class. Frank Myers did very well after shoulder surgery with a 425 bench. David Albertson the tallest man in the contest totaled 1130. Carlos Bradley curled 190 and missed 220 twice because of heaving the weight up. Jordan Wolf is super strong and finished with a 1525 total. Karl Warfel set a few records and totaled 1,160 lbs and Pedro Mejias nursing a very sore elbow only did his opener of 500 lbs. Marissa Menditto lifting in her first meet totaled 345 lbs.

Thanks to all of the spectators that came to support the lifters, thanks to the WNPF lifters that came out to support the WNPF even though they were not lifting, they just came to check out the contest. Thanks to my fine staff again for putting on a wonderful meet. (Romeo, Brad, Glenda, Lester, Jule, Dale, Annette, Eric, Moms, Danette, Rich, Dee, Antonio & Perry. (WNPF)







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