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23rd WNPF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 11/15 &11/16 2014

Author: Troy Ford. | Created: Tue Jun 26 16:11:51 UTC 2012 | Last Updated: Sun Dec 07 18:15:57 UTC 2014

The results are posted.
Thanks to all of the lifters that lifted in the event. Many records were broken (state,national and world) congratulations to all! Results are posted to your powerlifting profile. The WNPF offers certificates and plaques for all records.

The 2014 WNPF World Championships was one of the best meets in WNPF history. This was the 23rd World Championships for the WNPF and this was the first one in Atlanta since 2007. We had 106 lifters from 5 countries and 14 states compete this year. We had lifters from Chile and Puerto Rico there and also teams from Brazil, Georgia and of course USA. I must thank the lifters first and foremost for attending the Worlds because without you there would not be a world championship for the WNPF. Thanks to the teams that came from the other countries and thanks to the lifters that traveled from so far away.  Many thanks to my staff for doing a great job, thanks Arthur Chapman my warm up room monitor, many lifters loved the idea of having a monitor because Art made sure the warm-up room was clear and everyone had a chance to warm up properly. Thanks to my Judges who did a great job, they were fair and consistent in all of their calls. Thanks to Tom Isbell, Ron Deamicis, Eric Leblanc and Bryan Sessions. Thanks to my spotters who also did a great job, there was only one misload and they caught every lifter that failed an attempt. Thanks to Abdul, Ron, Perry, Steve and Willy. Thanks to my MC Lester Fields, Lester has been there since the 2nd WNPF Worlds and now were up to 23, I can’t thank him enough. Thanks to Adrian Locklear for keeping score and helping with loading and unloading equipment on Thursday and Sunday after the event. Thanks to my door people Moms, Jamie, Cetra, Bri and Sheila, Rawnee, you all did a great job.

On day one we had a lot of great lifters and if I miss someone please forgive me it’s not intentional. What a great group of women we had at this event. Many of them trained hard, talked about it on facebook, etc. and they backed it up. Jamie Orola lifting in her first worlds came very close to bombing out in the Deadlift but she came back and corrected her technique and pulled 175 to stay in the meet. You should have seen the support she got from the spotters and judges to make sure she made this lift to stay in the meet. Meredith Dowless also lifting in her first WNPF world meet set a new world record in her class with a 100 lb bench. Julia Famigletti not only became the WNPF Champion but she also won the best lifter award in the full meet and the WNPF Championship belt. Julia totaled 785 at a bwt of 123 lbs. She is going to be a force in the WNPF in the upcoming years. Christina McDonnell, Ms Intensity came in and PR and also set all new WNPF world records in her class. She has improved so much since her first meet in June; I see big things for Christina in the near future. Laura Edwards from Florida had an outstanding meet and set all new master records and also benched an impressive 170 bench. Natalie Santillo my great SHW lifter, she has also improved so much and had the biggest total in the meet out of all the women. She set so many WNPF World records that I can’t count them all. Ms Silva from Brazil won the best lifter in the Deadlift and set a new WNPF world record also, this was her first year coming over to the U.S. and she showed out, I’m glad she came. Angelica Berti from Brazil set a new Powercurl world record in her class. Rachel Wilcox won the best lifter in the bench press and also set another world record in the bench press, Rachel is always consistent and one of the nicest young ladies you can meet. Judy Benedict set a new world master’s record in her class with a 150 bench. Judy and the group from SC all came down and did a great job, congrats ladies. Angela Meyers set a new Masters Deadlift record with a 285 pull. Maggie Bedrosian set a state Deadlift and world squat record in her division. Willie Murphy, the oldest competitor at the meet at 77 years young did a GREAT job. This lady is amazing; she set all new world records and was a joy to have at the meet. Caroline Welsh and Cynthia Hardwick the ladies from SC both set world records and I hope to see more of them in 2015. Marcia from Brazil power curled 55 lbs to win her class. Now to the men- My son TJ Ford lifting in his first world meet and 3rd meet overall did an outstanding job weighing 56 lbs, he benched 55 lbs and deadlifted 105 lbs. He had 120 lbs up in the Deadlift but it came out of his hands at the top. He told me he’s going to pull 135 in the next meet and bench 65 lbs; I have your back son. Steve Soukup set World records in the master’s class and finished with a 900 total in the 123 class. Evan Pittman came all the way from AZ and took home the world title and he also set numerous records at this meet. It’s good to see the supportive dads with their sons at these meets, great job Hal. Amir Suliman took home 2nd place behind Evan. Aaron Beinstein set a world record total in the 148’s. Jonathan Suter from Ohio broke his Deadlift record and took home another title in his class. Joe Garafola my Italian brother from TN set a few state records and lifted well as usual, thanks for coming and bringing the family Joe. Basil Hassan from the North Bergen PAL did an outstanding job placing first. I must give credit to the coaches of these kids, they do an outstanding job preparing the kids for their meets and I’m glad they are a part of the WNPF family. I’m glad they gave the boys a chance to experience the WNPF World Championships. Tim Fox Jr and  Tim Fox Sr both had good days both setting new records and winning their classes. Tim Fox Sr also took the judges exam and stood in to spot when the big boys came up on Sunday, Thanks Tim Sr. Devon Howard a teacher from FL won his class and set a few world records also. Billy Tutt placed 2nd and he’s a part of the Furman University team.  Shady Suliman is another No. Bergen PAL lifter that came down and did well. Moises Torres won the best lifter award and also set 4 world records in his class. Tom Whiteside and Shady Suliman placed 2nd and 3rd in the teenage division. Emery Longan set a world record in the junior Deadlift and also on his first WNPF title. Ron Fuller had an off day and I believe he was a bit injured, Ron opened with 570 and couldn’t get deep enough and increased his weight a bit and couldn’t get a squat in to stay in the contest, I’m sure Ron will be back next year. Wyatt Gresham the silver fox set a world record bench and won the masters over 60 class. What a contest in the 165s between Charlie Paige and Felix Garcia. Felix finished with a 390 raw bench and Charlie just edged him out with a 410 raw bench. Charlie also took home the best lifter in the bench and also the Champion of Champions World title belt. Billy Tutt won the junior raw bench press title with a 265 bench. Billy beat out Josh Pilz (250) and Tyler Bisack. Flavio Danna from Brazil won the masters and open divisions with a 290 bench. Cicero Bezerra from Brazil put up an impressive 485 single ply bench in the 198’s. He took home the best lifter award for the equipped bench division. Chris Molina set world record in the Deadlift with a 355 lb Deadlift. Mauricio Pires also set a world record in the 148 open class. Anderson Accampora won titles in the open and police/fire divisions with a 440 lift. Tom Kaltenbach set a Florida state Deadlift record with a 300 lb. lift and he also set a world record in the Powercurl with 95 lbs. The three lifters from Furman went at it again in the Deadlift with Josh Pilz winning with a 495 deadlift. Carlos Artur set a world record in the masters Deadlift with a 595 raw lift. Vilibaldo Desbesel deadlifted 420 with an injured back. Jose Roberto pulled 550 and won the best lifter in the Powercurl with a 190 lb lift. Tee Meyers pulled 710 lbs on his last attempt to win the masters title and best lifter. Ray Lopez came down from CT and pulled 575 lbs for a state record. James Frado power curled 135 and Steve Beal set a new world record with a 160 lb Powercurl. Dan Stephens placed 2nd with a 135 curl. The master curlers John Trinite (130 lbs), Pat Carr (160 lbs) and Pat Rollins 175 world record curl was outstanding.

Day 2- Austin Stribling set a few world records in the teenage class with a 1245 lb total. Mikel Rojas the phenomenal teenage lifter from NJ won the best lifter in the teen division and set 2 world records and posted a 1,460 lb total. Matt Appell set 4 world records in the junior division. Matt is an outstanding junior lifter in the WNPF. I hope to see more and more teens and juniors like Austin, Mikel and Matt in the near future. Sawyer Traynham from SC totaled 1230 lbs. Adriano Correa from Brazil couldn’t wait to get to the U.S. and lift in the WNPF worlds he set a world record Deadlift with a 615 lb lift. Dave Marino lifted single ply but I truly believe Dave can come very close to his single ply numbers lifting raw. Dave set 3 world records in the 220’s. Joe Sciaretta from GA made his squats look so easy and he finished with an impressive 1380 total, I hope to see more of Dave at the GA meets. Al Velazquez a long time lifter and friend won his first world title in years in the master’s 50-59 division. Alex Hernandez pulled something in the squats and had to withdraw from the meet. Robert Hanington representing Chile set a few world records in the 242 lifetime division. Barry Bostick another strong lifter with a lot of potential, Barry is so consistent and always improving at every meet. This guy will no doubt be a force in the WNPF for a long time. Barry won the best lifter in the raw division on Sunday. James Rowe, great kid, great lifter. James hit a 1405 lb total in the 275 class. The Beast Mike Francis came into this meet with a purpose. Mike went home with almost 10 awards. He won 4 divisions, 3 best lifter awards and 2 Championship belts. Mike had the highest squat in the meet with a 760, highest Deadlift with a 750 and highest total at 1905. Mike is over 50 years of age and has been with the WNPF since 1993 and he is a great friend. Willis Lewis didn’t post big numbers and not sure why but he is capable of hitting at least another 100 plus pounds on his overall total. Jesse Bravo from NC, another talented kid with an impressive squat, Jesse made 605 look like 105. He also set 4 world records at his first WNPF world meet. Brian Bonder from NJ is an up and coming master lifter, lifting in only his 3rd WNPF meet totaled 1140 lbs. Anthony Calhoun from GA set 3 world records in the SHW and Anthony is one of the most positive people I have ever met. Always smiling and having a good time. Zach Dunlevy set a state record in the bench press and did an excellent job coaching Jesse Bravo. George Toma set a state record in the bench press and also made some impressive lifts in the curl and Deadlift. Josue Rodriguez from FL, another great guy from FL won his first world title in the bench press. Billy Coleman is now in the 70-79 division all I can say is everyone better watch out, Billy is coming for you. Miller Seabrooks another 70 year old lifter from NY did well by setting a world record in his division. Leo Monroe the most impressive power curl lifter in the WNPF almost bombed but he came back and curled 220 lbs to stay in the meet. Carl Calhoun came from OH to set a world record bench press with a 320 lift. Adrian Ocampo won the best lifter in the bench press with a 395. Manuchar Chincharauli from the Republic of Georgia placed 2nd to Adrian with a 350 bench. I was glad to see our brothers from Georgia back on the WNPF platform. Washington Silva the new guy from Brazil totaled 1720, won the best lifter in the full meet and also won the bench press division. Buddy Cawley from GA tried 675 lbs three times on the bench and just couldn’t get one in. Buddy is an outstanding raw lifter, he can reverse grip 525-550, and he will be back raw in the next event. Leonardo Danna won the 220 junior division with a 485 deadlift. Chad Braden another long time WNPF lifter, Chad started with us when he was a SHW junior lifter and now he is a 220 master lifter still going strong. Chad pulled 535 for the win. Evandro Casagrande pulled 685 pounds for the win in the masters and open Deadlift. James Jarboe from Florida pulled a 380 world record. Nikoloz Tchelidze from Georgia placed 2nd in the Deadlift. Robert David Sr pulled a 660 world record Deadlift and also curled 215 lbs. David Whitehead one of my favorite guys won the masters bench press division and Powercurl event. Tony Caterisano from SC, what can I say about Tony? I read on facebook that Tony is finished with powerlifting, I hope not! Tony is a great person and friend. The WNPF would not be in SC if it weren’t for this man. Thanks Tony for all that you do for the WNPF. Daniel Turi from Brazil curled 120 lbs for 2nd place. John Bosley set a new world record with a 150 lb curl. Tony Greene from SC set state records in the lifetime division, Tony has a great powerlifting gym in SC and a very strong team. Scott Rogers came down from Brooklyn, NY and won his class with an 875 total and 560 world record Deadlift. Duane Drisdom did very well in the bench or reps. Duane used to be one of the top benchers in the WNPF in the past but injuries have caught up to him but he is still competing in the rep division, glad to have you back Driz. We hope to see everyone in Las Vgas, NV in 2015. Until then train hard, train smart and enjoy your holidays. Thank you WNPF Family. (WNPF)

For more pictures of the event click here       

23rd WNPF WORLDS 2014.

USA Today feature "77 year old woman can lift more than you."

Special - USA Today  Features 77 year old WNPF 2014 World Champion Willie Murphy




JAIME OROLA   105 W-LT-R 155w/s 100w/s 175w/s 430w/s     1 NJ
JULIA FAMIGLIETTI-BL 123 W-O-R 255w/n/s 155w/n/s 375w/n/s 785w/n/s     1 NJ
CHRISTINA MCDONNELL 165 W-LT-R 305w/n/s 160w/n/s 335w/n/s 800w/n/s     1 NJ
LAURA EDWARDS 165 W-40-49 RC 265w/s 170w 335w/s 770w/s     1 FL
NATALIE SANTILLO SHW W-JR-RC 315w/n 145w 375w/n/s 835w/n/s     1 NJ
MEREDITH DOWLESS 114 W-SM-R   100w         1 SC
GRAZIELLE SILVA 123 W-O-R   90         1 BRA
ANGELICA BERTI 132 W-O-R   115         1 BRA
RACHEL WILCOX-BL 148 W-JR-R   160/165-4TH w         1 FL
JUDY BENEDICT 165 W-50-59 R   150w/n/s         1 SC
NATALIE SANTILLO SHW W-JR-R   145w/n/s         1 NJ
ANGELA MEYERS 114 W-50-59 E     285w/n       1 GA
GRAZIELLE SILVA-BL 123 W-O-R     320w       1 BRA
MARGARET BEDROSIAN 123 W-JR-R     300s       1 NJ
NATALIE SANTILLO SHW W-JR-R     375w/n/s       1 NJ
MEREDITH DOWLESS 114 W-SM           32 1 SC
WILLIE MURPHY 114 W-70-79           42w/n/s 1 NY
WILLIE MURPHY 114 W-70-79   115w 215w 330 60w/s 42w/n/s 1 NY
CAROLINE WELSH 114 W-40-49   110s 220w/n/s 330     1 SC
CYNTHIA HARDWICK 148 60-69 R   135w/s 230w/n/s 365     1 SC
WILLIE MURPHY 114 W-70-79         60w/s   1 NY
MARCIA DALLE GRAVE 123 W-O         55   1 BRA
ANGELICA BERTI 132 W-O-R         65/70-4TH w   1 BRA
MARGARET BEDROSIAN 123 W-JR-R 215w/s           1 NJ
NATALIE SANTILLO SHW W-JR-RC 315w/s           1 NJ
STEVE SOUKUP 123 50-59 SP 335w/s 215w/s 350w/s 900w/s   1 FL
STEVE SOUKUP 123 O SP 335w 215w 350w/s 900w/s   1 FL
EVAN PITTMAN 148 13-16 RC 315w 185 390/400-4th  W 890w   1 AZ
EVAN PITTMAN 148 13-16 R 315w 185w 390/400-4th  w/n 890w   1 AZ
AMIR SULIMAN 148 13-16 R 155 115 205 475   2 NJ
AARON BEINSTEIN 148 17-19 R 275w 215w 355w/s 845w   1 CT
JONATHAN SUTER 165 17-19 SP 355 205 485w/s 1045   1 OH
JOE GARAFOLA 165 50-59 SP 375s 260 415s 1050   1 TN
BASIL HASSAN 181 17-19 R 350w 245w 440w/n/s 1035w/n/s   1 NJ
TIM FOX JR 181 JR RC 460s 330s 465 1255   1 OH
DEVON HOWARD 181 JR-R 440w/s 280w/s 455 1175w/s   1 FL
BILLY TUTT 181 JR-R 390s 265s 485w/s 1140s   2 GA
TIM FOX JR 181 O-RC 460s 330s 465s 1255s   1 OH
MOISES TORRES-BL 198 17-19 R 420w 270w/n 550w/n/s 1240w/n/s   1 NJ
TOM WHITESIDE 198 17-19 R 365 215 445 1125   2 NJ
SHADY SULIMAN 198 17-19 R 285 205 390 880   3 NJ
EMERY LONGAN 198 JR-RC 470s 295s 520w 1280s   1 SC
RON FULLER 198 50-59 SP OUT           GA
TIM FOX 198 50-59 RC 510w 270 515s 1295   1 OH
TIM FOX 198 O-RC 510 270 515s 1295   1 OH
WYATT GRESHAM 198 60-69 R 335n/s 285w/n 385n/s 1005n/s   1 GA
AUSTIN STRIBLING 220 17-19 R 430w/s 300w/s 515w/s 1245w/s   1 SC
MIKEL ROJAS-BL 220 17-19 RC 650w/n/s 310 500s 1460w/n/s   1 NJ
MATT APPELL 220 JR-R 505w/s 325w 600w/s 1430w/s   1 NJ
SAWYER TRAYNHAM 220 JR-SP 500 225 505   1230 1 SC
ADRIANO CORREA 220 O(SP) 465 310 615w   1390 1 BRA
DAVE MARINO 220 O-SP 600w/n/s 300s 600w/n/s   1530w/n/s 1 VA
JOE SCIARETTA 220 O-RC 510 305 565   1380 1 GA
DAVE MARINO 220 SM SP 600w/n/s 300s 600w/n/s   1530w/n/s 1 VA
ALBERTO VELAZQUEZ 220 50-59 SP 500w/n/s 320 480   1300w 1 FL
ALEX HERNANDEZ 220 50-59 R 380 OUT         CT
ROBERT HANINGTON 242 LT-R 405n 285n 450w/n   1140n 1 CHILE
BARRY BOSTICK-BL   242 O-R 575w/s 365w 660w/n/s 1600w/n/s     1 NJ
JAMES ROWE 275 JR-RC 570s 315s 520s 1405s     2 GA
WASHINGTON SILVA-BL 275 O (SP) 665 505 550 1720     1 BRA
JAMES ROWE 275 LT-RC 570s 315s 520s 1405s     2 GA
MIKE FRANCIS-BL 275 O RC 760w/n/s 395 750w/s 1905w/n/s     1 FL
JAMES ROWE 275 O-RC 570s 315s 520s 1405s     2 GA
WILLIS LEWIS 275 40-49 DP 450 350 650 1450     1 SC
MIKE FRANCIS 275 50-59 RC 760w/n/s 395s 750s 1905w/n/s     1 FL
JESSE BRAVO SHW 17-19 RC 605w/s 385w/s 545w 1535w     1 NC
BRIAN BONDER SHW 40-49 RC 450s 285s 405 1140s     1 NJ
ANTHONY CALHOUN SHW 50-59 RC 435w/s 275w/s 405s 1115w/s     1 GA
ANTHONY CALHOUN SHW P/F/M-RC 435 275 405 1115     1 GA
BENCH PRESS WORLDS                    
CHARLIE PAIGE-BL 165 O-R   410n/s         1 GA
FELIX GARCIA 165 O-R   390         2 MI
BILLY TUTT 181 JR-R   265         1 GA
JOSH PILZ 181 JR-R   250         2 SC
TYLER BISACK 181 JR-R   OUT           SC
FLAVIO DANNA 181 O-R   290         1 BRA
FLAVIO DANNA 181 40-49-R   290         1 BRA
TOM WHITESIDE 198 17-19 R   265         1 NJ
EMERY LONGAN 198 JR-R   295         1 SC
CICERO BEZERRA 198 O (SP)   485w         1 BRA
AUSTIN STRIBLING 220 17-19R   300         1 SC
ZACH DUNLEVY 220 JR-R   340s         1 NC
GEORGE TOMA 220 JR-R   325s         2 SC
JOSUE RODRIGUEZ 220 LT SP   350s         1 FL
DAVID WHITEHEAD 220 50-59 R   310s         1 FL
TONY CATERSIANO 220 60-69 R   300         1 SC
BILLY COLEMAN 220 70-79 R   275w/n/s         1 GA
MILLER SEABROOKS 220 70-79 SP   285w/n/s         1 NY
LEO MONROE 242 40-49   390         1 SC
CARL CALHOUN 242 60-69 R   320w/s         1 OH
ADRIAN OCAMPO-BL 275 O-R   395         1 BRA
WASHINGTON SILVA 275 O (SP)   505         1 BRA
BUDDY CAWLEY 300 O SP   OUT           GA
BUDDY CAWLEY 300 LT-SP   OUT           GA
BUDDY CAWLEY 300 50-59-SP   OUT           GA
DEADLIFT WORLDS                    
CHRIS MOLINA 132 13-16 R     345/355-4THw/s       1 FL
MAURICIO PIRES 148 O     510w       1 BRA
ANDERSON ACCAMPORA 165 O-E   440       1 BRA
ANDERSON ACCAMPORA 165 P/F/M-E                          440w       1 BRA
TOM KATLENBACH 165 70-79 R                          300/s       1 FL
JOSH PILZ   181 JR-R     495s       1 SC
BILLY TUTT 181 JR-R     485       2 GA
TYLER BISACK 181 JR-R     450       3 SC
CARLOS ARTUR-BL 181 O R     595       1 BRA
CARLOS ARTUR 181 40-49 R     595w       1 BRA
TOMMY WHITESIDE 198 17-19 R     445       1 NJ
EMERY LONGAN 198 JR-R     520       1 SC
VILIBALDO DESBESEL 198 O-R     420       1 BRA
JOSE ROBERTO 198 O     550       1 BRA
TEE MEYERS-BL 198 50-59     710       1 GA
RAY LOPEZ 198 50-59 R     575s       1 CT
AUSTIN STRIBLING 220 17-19 R     515       1 SC
LEONARDO DANNA 220 JR-R     485       1 FL
GEORGE TOMA 220 JR-R     405       2 SC
LEONARDO DANNA 220 O-R     485       1 BRA
ADRIANO CORREA 220 O-E     615       1 BRA
CHAD BRADEN 220 40-49 R     535       1 GA
MILLER SEABROOKS 220 70-79 SP     275n/s       1 NY
EVANDRO CASAGRANDE 242 O-E     685       1 BRA
EVANDRO CASAGRANDE 242 40-49 E     685       1 BRA
JAMES JARBOE 275 70-79 R     380w/n/s       1 FL
MIKE FRANCIS-BL 275 O-R     750s       1 FL
NIKOLOZ TCHELIDZE 275 O-R     440       2 GEO
MIKE FRANCIS 275 50-59 R     750       1 FL
ROBERT T DAVID SR 300 40-49 R     660w/n/s       1 NC
MAURICIO PIRES 148 O         130   1 BRA
JAMES FRADO 165 O         135   1 OH
STEVE BEAL 165 50-59         160w/n   1 OH
TOM KATLENBACH 165 70-79         95w/n/s   1 FL
JAMES FRADO 165 O         135   1 OH
FLAVIO DANNA 181 O         175   1 BRA
DAN STEPHENS 181 O         135   2 SC
FLAVIO DANNA 181 40-49         175w   1 BRA
JOSE ROBERTO-BL 198 O         190   1 BRA
PAT CARR 198 O         160   2 NJ
JOHN TRINITE 198 40-49         130s   1 MD
PAT ROLLINS 198 50-59         175w/n/s   1 MD
PAT CARR 198 50-59         160   2 NJ
IVAN DAL CORNO 220 O         190w   1 BRA
GEORGE TOMA 220 O         170s   2 SC
DAVID WHITEHEAD 220 50-59         155   2 FL
TONY CATERSIANO 220 60-69 R         130   1 SC
BILLY COLEMAN 220 70-79         155w/n/s   1 GA
LEON TURNER 220 70-79         115   2 GA
LEO MONROE-BL 242 O         220   1 SC
DANIEL TURI 242 O         120   2 BRA
LEO MONROE 242 40-49         220   1 SC
JOHN BOSLEY 242 60-69         150w/n/s   1 MD
ADRIAN OCAMPO 275 O-R         210   1 BRA
ROBERT T DAVID SR 300 O         215w/n   1 NC
ROBERT T DAVID SR 300 40-49         215w/n   1 NC
TJ FORD 60 7-8 R   55w/n/s 105w/n/s 160     1 GA
TONY GREENE 220 LT SP   290s 460s 750     1 SC
SCOTT ROGERS 275 40-49 R   315 560w 875     1 NY
ROBERT T DAVID SR-BL 300 40-49 R   450w/n/s 660w/n/s 1110     1 NC
BENCH FOR REPS                    
STEVE BEAL 165 50-59           27w 1 OH
JAMES FRADO 165 O           31 1 OH
FLAVIO DANNA 181 O           30 1 BRA
FLAVIO DANNA 181 40-49           30w 1 BRA
CICERO BEZERRA-BL 198 O           32 1 BRA
LEONARDO DANNA 220 JR           21   BRA
DUANE DRISDOM 220 O           26 1 FL
LEONARDO DANNA 220 O           21 2 BRA
IVAN DAL CORNO 220 O           19 3 BRA
JOSUE RODRIGUEZ 220 LT           22 1 FL
IVAN DAL CORNO 220 SM           19w 1 BRA
DUANE DRISDOM 220 50-59           26w/n/s 1 FL
DAVID WHITEHEAD 220 50-59           16 2 FL
DANIEL TURI 242 O           11 1 BRA
ADRIAN OCAMPO 275 O           23 1 BRA
SQUAT WORLDS                    
EVAN PITTMAN 148 13-16 R 315 s/n/w           1 AZ
AUSTIN STRIBLING 220 17-19 R 430 s/w           1 SC
BEST LIFTERS                    


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